An Autistic Anniversary 

I know I'm supposed to be ashamed. I know that. I know autism is supposed to be a loaded term, spoken in hushed whispers, a reassuring hand on a shoulder, a pitying frown. It's supposed to be "risk of" and "suffers from" and "unfortunately". I can't quite decide if it's my autism that keeps those … Continue reading An Autistic Anniversary 

Finding a Voice

Yesterday the world changed. It was a tiny shift. A momentary slide. Barely a bubble in the wake of a wave. Small but powerful, I've been knocked off my feet. Yesterday the National Autistic Society (NAS) ran a course for Autistic people who want to do Public Speaking about Autism to help the world understand. … Continue reading Finding a Voice

A Perfect Day

It's my birthday soon. My husband asked me what I'd like to do for the day. Which is a big, open question. The biggest and most open, yawning-cavern-like question, based only on my own desires. I am thinking. What would my perfect day look like? For a start it would involve a lie in. A … Continue reading A Perfect Day

International Women’s Day

It's International Women's Day, and I haven't done anything to prepare for it. I haven't made any wishes or baked a cake... there's a chance I don't know the etiquette. Perhaps instead I shall talk about autistic women and celebrate them. I'll begin with one of the reasons I started this blog (mainly so you'll … Continue reading International Women’s Day

Creative Autism

What is it about creativity and the autistic brain? I don't like generalising about autism, we're all so ridiculously different, but creativity is a theme that comes up often. Creativity in the arts, in science, in mathematics, in music, in the written word, in building, in gardening, in so much more. There's no correlation with … Continue reading Creative Autism

To the lonely neurotypical parent…

I saw a post today by a parent of an autistic child. It was reaching out. Reaching out for people. It spoke about the loneliness of being a neurotypical parent who wanted to connect with the people around her, but who put her autistic child's needs first, because they couldn't cope with the interactions. I … Continue reading To the lonely neurotypical parent…

The Autistic Community 

One of the most incredible things that the modern world has given us, is a new way to communicate. I want to talk about an emerging group, the Autistic Community. When I first got diagnosed, I didn't really know what to do. I had no idea that such a community existed. I was still me. … Continue reading The Autistic Community 

Autism is a Normal Neurological Variance

What is Autism? It's a social processing condition. It's a different way of processing sensory information. It's a different way of interfacing with the world. What isn't autism? Autism isn't a learning disability. Autism doesn't mean a low or high IQ. Autism isn't a behavioural problem. Autism isn't a person trapped inside a mental cage. … Continue reading Autism is a Normal Neurological Variance

From Brilliant to Mediocre

I used to be special. I used to be an interesting neurotypical and now I'm an everyday autistic. I'm not original after all. All those actions. All those ways of being that marked me as an oddity. All those things that both attracted and repelled people in equal measure. All those idiosyncrasies, all my inspiration, … Continue reading From Brilliant to Mediocre

Parenting and Autisming

There are many articles about parenting a child with autism, but what about parenting when you're the autistic one? I've read a couple of articles that suggested that autism couldn't be an evolutionary step or a genetic trait, because autistic people don't like relationships and so wouldn't produce children. I should probably let all the … Continue reading Parenting and Autisming